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Praveen Chandra

–“No words can describe how incredible this gift is. The experience is so intense that if you even stop to think for a second you will miss something extraordinary. The places you go, the people you meet and the entire trip itself is nothing but beauty. Whenever memories cross my mind, they still bring tears to my eyes.”


From One of Our Madrichim

“Seeing Israel through their eyes makes all the difference to us. Israel Experience really emphasizes the individual’s Jewish identity and helps them realize that they are part of the Jewish people.”

B.Raj Kumar

“The trip was incredible in every sense of the word. There was something throughout the trip that touched each person emotionally and spiritually. I honestly left a piece of myself over there and have full intentions of going back.”

Solmon Raj

From a Parent

“It’s a great relief knowing that my child is going to Israel through Hermon Agency for her Israel experience. I also think she will get a well-rounded educational trip that will show her a good time.”

Chandra Kumar

From a Youth Movement Leader

“Israel Experience really gets us. They know how to create our programs in a way that facilitates a strong relationship between the Guiders and visitors. They understand informal education and this really helps us create affordable and experiential programs for our youth movement.”

Prabakar Rao

— From a Missions Director

“Israel Experience’s job organizing this trip was quite amazing! The activities were amazing, eye opening and informative, the lodging was always strategically located, and the caliber of individuals (guides, leaders, and participants) allowed this trip to far exceed everyone in our group expectations.”

Shantha Kumari

From a Head of Community

“I only have high praise for your organization and staff. We appreciate your hard work in building an affordable and safe trip for our members. But most of all, thank you for all those extra special touches that made all the difference to the trip. A special mention must be made of our tour-guides. This tip will be remembered forever by our community.”

Nirmala Rani

From the Head of a School

“The itinerary that was prepared for us was exemplary. The staff was excellent and attended to our every need. I was most impressed with the educational content of the program. I look forward to working with Israel Experience again next year.”


“For me it was my first time in Israel and it will certainly not be the last! The country itself is beautiful and full of rich history and amazing stories. The Guiders were really perfect and made me want to discover the promised land in more depth. An amazing experience!”

Yesu Das

One word to describe this journey: magical! Relationships that cannot be forgotten, memories that cannot be erased, a love for the Jewish people and Israel has which continues to grow every day. I do not cry often but the intensity of this trip was just too much to hold in. Only one thing left to say from our group: Thank you!”


“When I saw the Kotel for the first time, I felt one of those inspiring moments. We’re in the Jewish homeland. This is home.”


I am very happy to share my wonderful feelings about the Jerusalem tour. I visited the places where Lord Jesus was present.

I felt the graceful feeling that I was with Lord Jesus. I am very grateful that in the belief of God and with the help of my family members encouragement which was given by Lord Jesus only I made to this tour. I wish every human being should trust Lord JESUS and once in their life time should see Jerusalem. I also pray to GOD that the Jerusalem Temple be constructed. God has proved that money is not a barrier to see Him because during this tour I have seen so many poor people come to visit the Holy places where Jesus tread.

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